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Tap into unparalleled expertise with Heather Mongie, a distinguished real estate coach dedicated to helping agents achieve their goals in any market. Through personalized coaching and consulting services, Heather brings her wealth of experience to guide you through the intricacies of the real estate landscape. Whether you’re navigating market shifts or aspiring to exceed your objectives, Heather’s insights and strategic approaches empower you to thrive in every scenario. Invest in your success with Heather Mongie’s coaching program, tailored to elevate real estate agents to new heights of achievement.

Unlock Your Real Estate Potential:

Overcome Limitations, Boost Transactions, and Maximize Profits!

Embarking on a successful real estate journey requires overcoming common pain points. Here are the key areas Heather Mongie’s coaching program addresses to elevate your business.

Boost Transactions:

Unlock strategies to consistently secure more transactions, enhancing your overall business volume.

Maximize Earning Capacity:

Elevate your income potential with proven techniques that maximize your earning capacity in every deal.

Seamless Business Expansion:

Navigate expansion seamlessly, breaking through barriers to take your business to new heights.

Redefine Success Trajectory:

Break through stagnant thresholds and redefine your success trajectory in the real estate market.

Overcome Mindset Barriers:

Address and overcome mindset barriers hindering your growth, fostering a positive and powerful mindset for success.

Unlock Your Real Estate Success: 

Three Pillars of Growth

Financial Prosperity and Business Expansion

In the first block, discover the path to financial prosperity and business expansion. Heather Mongie’s coaching program empowers agents to maximize their earning potential, providing strategic insights to navigate a dynamic market successfully. Agents will also master the art of closing transactions efficiently and consistently, propelling them to new levels of success.

Personal Fulfillment and Client Attraction

In the second block, the focus is on personal fulfillment and client attraction. By aligning their career with genuine happiness and success, agents can embark on a fulfilling professional journey. The program also equips participants with the skills to draw in clients and build a thriving customer base, including attracting ideal clients who trust and appreciate their expertise.

Empowerment and Accomplishment

The third block centers on empowerment and accomplishment. Agents can expect to achieve a profound sense of fulfillment in their real estate profession. By infusing joy into their daily professional lives, participants cultivate a positive and purposeful experience. The program empowers agents with the tools and mindset to gain absolute control over their business and personal growth, enabling them to accomplish even their loftiest goals.


It is with great honor that I recommend Heather Mongie as a Real Estate Trainer. I have known Heather for over 11 years and within this time, she has proven to be an asset to my Brokerage and the REALTORS in Las Vegas.

Heather is professional and has managed real estate teams in Southern Nevada and Southern Utah under Signature Real Estate Group. She has led multiple agents to become Top Producers and Team Leaders. I believe in her ability to teach, train and coach so much that I referred my son to join her team
when he got his real estate license.

Heather also tremendous balance between her work and her children. Her clients rave about her and she is very dedicated to making our industry better.

Brandon Roberts

Corporate Broker/Owner, Signature Real Estate Group

What is there to say about Heather Mongie that would even give her justice to the quality that she offers to any entrepreneur? I meet Heather through a transaction several years ago and she sensed my discomfort with my current situation – I was a newer Real Estate licensee and was not receiving the appropriate training to prepare myself for my future successes.

Heather took me under her wing and guided me through business set up, organizational skills, effective follow up with my prospects, how to remain ethical while still being profitable, and leadership skills.

It is because of Heather, that I can now lead a team of Real Estate Agents with the same guidance and patience that she offered me so many years ago. Heather is definitely an asset to building and solid foundation in your career – she will not disappoint.

Darryl Braswell

REALTOR Team Leader, The Braswell-Gluskin Group

Heather was a phenomenal team leader!! Allah really blessed me when we crossed paths. I was a brand new agent and she not only showed me the ropes but gave me great insight on how to be a woman in business. 

As A REALTOR you are slammed left and right with different CRM companies, classes, and marketers trying to get you to spend money on Iffy leads, well Heather alleviated all of that. She taught her team how to generate leads and told you exactly what to focus on to make your business profitable. Heather Mongie is what the youth would call the “GOAT”!!!

Tre’shay Allen Baugus


Heather Mongie is not only a wonderful team leader, but an even better person. I’ve known Heather for years being the office manager at her brokerage. She has mentored many into becoming successful real estate agents. What Heather does differently is her attention to detail and the time she spends with each individual agent. 

Heather encourages, teaches and supports each team member until they are confident in their business. She’s always a phone call, text message or email away.

Heather in addition to being a rockstar agent and team leader, is an amazing friend. She takes the same amount of support and care that she has in her business directly to her friendships. I’m lucky to call her one of my closest friends. I always joke with her, if I was a real estate agent I would join her team. Anyone would be lucky to be mentored and cheered on by Heather

Ashley Pei

Manager, Signature Real Estate Group Summerlin Office

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