Did you know that you can request an energy audit from your electricity company? Your utility/electricity company usually has an energy auditor on hand and it’s usually free to their clients. It’s a great way to find out how you can be saving more on electricity. The auditor, also known as an energy rater, will help you improve your energy efficiency of your home and help you with your energy consumption. Energy auditors often begin by inspecting homes to measure heat, cooling, electrical and gas usage. They use thermal infrared cameras to find energy leaks, and blower-door tests to measure the airtightness of a structure.


Just a few weeks ago, I noticed a trend of high energy bills with my 100 year old home in Kanab. It became worrisome to me because the energy consumption was high along with the bills. Since the home runs all on electric, I called my electricity company and expressed my concern and they transferred me over to the energy auditor. We talked at length on the phone, he pulled up past electricity consumption with the previous owner and couldn’t get the information he was looking for.


He asked about my heating system, the patterns of usage and some other questions. At the end of the phone call, we scheduled an appointment for him to come to my cottage in Kanab to inspect it.

I’m thrilled that I am actually using this service and get to the bottom of things – why is my electricity consumption so high! Stay tuned.